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Refurbishment of superabrasive tools

Refurbishment of Tools

Refurbishment of Tools

Over 30% of our manufacturing capacity is involved in the servicing of our customers tools

Most superabrasive tools can be reworked.  DSA has the manufacturing equipment and the expertise to offer a complete refurbishment service. To ensure optimum economical tool costs design features incorporating refurbishments should be taken into consideration.  For further information please do not hesitate to contact us .



  • Relapping:  Tool edges will wear in application, relapping (reshapening) these edges will ensure optimum tool performance.
  • Reforming (rewiring):  Complicated or badly damaged forms can be reformed (rewired) to the correct form and edge quality.
  • Retipping: Manufacturing costs are relatively high, if economical we will remove worn or damaged tips and replace with new .

Electroplating Tools

  • Replating  Worn or damaged plated tools can be stripped and replated with a new diamond or CBN  layer. If the form is damaged DSA has the facility to reform before replating.

Dressing Tools 

  • Resetting: Single point tools can have up to 6 working points, to ensure the maximum tool life we offer a reset service, diamonds are removed assessed and reset if economical viable.
  • Refacet: Some applications require an extremely sharp point with very accurate positioning which can be achieved by faceting the diamond point.
  • Relapping: Chisel and Cone points will wear in application The flanks and radii can be relapped to ensure optimum tool performance.

Grinding wheels

  • Redressing: Diamond and CBN grinding wheels can be redressed to refresh and clean the wheel surface; we can also chamfer and radius if necessary.
  • Rerimming: Diamond and CBN impregnated rims can be removed and new rims glued or bolted back to the wheel body saving wheel body manufacture.

Manufacturing services

DSA has a comprehensive machine shop covering every aspect of tool making:

  • CNC Turning   –   5 axis milling  –  EDM wiring, die sinking and hole drilling  –  Specialist diamond grinding, lapping and polishing  –  Specialist diamond wheel dressing
  • Hot pressing 200c at 250 tons  –  Hot pressing 1400c at 60 tons with atmosphere  –  Induction heating  –  Brazing and welding  –  Manual turning, drilling and milling
  • Specialist laboratory equipment for mixing, crushing, sorting and grading diamond micron powders  –  Aerosol manufacture
  • CMM  –   Profile Projector  –  Optical microscopes  –   conventional inspection

Why select DSA

  • UK manufacturing facilities
  • Many years of expertise
  • Research and development services
  • Friendly team